Ijaazah Program – Recitation

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About Course

An Ijaazah is a certificate used primarily to indicate that one has been authorized by a higher authority to transmit a certain subject or text of Islamic knowledge. It includes a chain (sanad) to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). This course is for those wanting to get their Ijaazah in Recitation (not memorization).

Steps to Getting Your Ijaazah

1. Complete the Quran Course

Complete our Quran Course. Complete our Tajweed Course and the Quran Memorization Course before beginning the Ijaazah program. Once your teacher suggests that you are ready, you may register to begin preparing for your Ijaazah.

2. Preparation for Ijaazah Course

Upon the suggestion and evaluation of their Quran teacher, students move to the Preparation Course for the Ijaazah program. This step, taking 3-6 months, prepares the student for reading, correcting any mistakes in the reading before beginning the official reading for the Ijaazah. The preparation course is the key to helping the student read a minimal number of times for the certificate.

3. Enroll in Ijaazah Course

Upon the suggestion of your Quran teacher, you may register for the Ijaazah course. This will begin your reading of the Quran for a Shaykh(a).

4. Shaykh(a) Recommendation for Receiving Your Ijaazah

Upon completing the reading of the Quran, your teacher may or may not recommend you to receive your Ijaazah certificate. The Ijaazah certificate is only granted upon recommendation of the teacher. Learn Quran online Academy will not override the teacher’s decision and no refunds will be given, should the student not learn the Ijaazah after the first reading.

* Note: As we take giving an ijaazah seriously, a student is not guaranteed to receive their ijaazah certificate upon completing the first reading. The student may be required to return to reviewing in the Quran course and read a second (or third, or more) time for the certificate.

5. Receive Ijaazah

Upon receiving the recommendation for a certificate by the teacher, the student may order their official Ijaazah certificate to be mailed to them. If you wish to receive the official hard copy of your Ijaazah certificate with sanad mailed to you, there is an additional one-time fee of $500. This fee covers all administrative fees, additional teacher compensation and shipping costs.



  • the Quran & textbook directly in your Screen.

  • Listening practice and audio files to help with reviewing.
  • A complete course structure, so you know where you are and where you are going.
  • Easy access to your classes and teacher from anywhere!
  • Dashboard to access grades, reports, and manage your classes.
  • Male and female Quran teachers are available.


Our honesty depends on the performances of the best Quran teachers. No doubt, we have certified online Quran teachers. Certainly, they are well versed in all the knowledge of teaching the Quran. Our online Quran tutors are with us for the right reasons. Evidently, they are passionate listeners. Our online Quran teachers are committed to working with students for their better part.

That’s why we hire the best Quran teachers online for their character and knowledge. However, if anything misses, we will not pick him to the post. To add more, the knowledge of teachers helps students operate applications relating to the courses easily. Of course, their personality and characteristics do not mismatch with their approach and readability. Let’s learn the holy Quran online. Therefore, it remains high time for you to study it thoroughly.


After taking trial classes with our quality online Quran teachers we assure your satisfaction. your satisfaction is our first priority.

Benefits of online learning

It takes our long efforts to look for such Quranic teachers in the country and across the lands. However, we try our best part to serve you the best. We never compromise on the qualification of the best online Quran teachers. Therefore, MYLQ hires the best online teachers, native to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE, considering their proficient skills. We have several teachers who have got decades of experience.

We have online Quran Arabic teachers who are serving for years with us. Our company offers you the services of both male and female Quran teachers on your demand. We shall not leave you with empty hope. They have been teaching courses concerned with Quran for years. Therefore, it is our promise to provide Quran classes online in the best way. And our promise is our identity.

Let’s continue your journey of learning the Quran with online Quran teachers at home.

Have Any Questions?


If you can’t find an answer to your questions, kindly send us a message over the Online Chat.

How Do I Join an Online Course?

If you are looking to learn so you are in the right place here.
Fill out The Trial Request 

Who Should Take an Online Course?

If you are looking to learn Arabic to be able to read and Speak Arabic, you are on the right place. If you want to read or memorize Quran with correct tajweed rules with Arabic natives speaker, so you are on the right place here.

How Do I Access My Course?

Our Course is one-on-one online classes with one of our teachers over Zoom. All you need is to book your weekly classes, set up Zoom app on our device, then leave the rest on us.

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

No Prerequisites or Language Requirements are required. What you should do is book a free trial class first to evaluate your current level then our teacher will prepare a learning plan suitable for your level.

Can I Take More than One Course at a Time?

Yes, you can do that. For example, you can enroll in an Arabic course and also study Quran Reading or Memorization at the same time.

My Payment Did Not Go Through. What Do I Do?

In case you face any payment issues, please email us or send a message over online Chat or Whatsapp and we will check the issue on our end.

How Does Online Learning Work?

First, you book a monthly membership of classes with one of our teachers then you will meet your teacher on Zoom as per the booking time. You need to install the Zoom app on your device.

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What Will You Learn?

  • This course is for getting an Ijaazah in Recitation.
  • You will read for a Shaykh(a) who is qualified to give Ijaazah.
  • we take this program seriously. We don’t give an Ijaazah to just anyone.
  • You must qualify to get your Ijaazah.Don’t get discouraged.
  • This course can take time, so be prepared. Some students will get their Ijaazah after the first reading, but many will need to read the entire Quran multiple times before qualifying.