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The Online Quran teachers and Tutors at Learn Quran Online Academy are tested and certified. To be a Quran tutor is a great distinction, special honor, and recognition. It is the responsibility that was performed by angels and prophets. To convey the words of the Quran and its authority to the next generation, the Quran teacher needs to be very knowledgeable, punctual, and practical to be a role model, and have profound knowledge of Tajweed to teach our Muslim Kids and Adults.


Necessary Qualification of our Quran Teachers and Tutors

A Quran teacher with the necessary qualification is a need of our community and our duty to perform for teaching the Holy Quran to our children and teenagers.

  1. Must be a graduate from a recognized university/institute.
  2. Must have memorized the Holy Quran in full, or Qari, have a profound knowledge of Tajweed and Qirat.
  3. Must undergone training, integrated Quran teaching pedagogies conducted by Lear Quran Online Academy
  4. Must have Quran Teaching Methodologies/Skill.
  5. Good-nature and friendly behavior.

All our teachers have gone through all the background checks and their education has been verified with the degrees and certificates. They are trained with Tajweed and Tarteel practice and communication. 

As such, Quran teachers with the necessary qualifications are the priority of Learn Quran Online Academy. We have an Egyptian Quran teacher online as well. We have male and female Quran teachers from Egypt  for children and adults. Our teachers can speak English, Arabic as well to teach the Holy Quran Online with Tajweed. You and your children will love learning the Holy Quran online with our Online Quran Teachers and Tutors

Let’s learn with Online Quran teachers and Tutors at Learn Quran Online Academy. 

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