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Our mission is to provide online Quran classes to students around the world and your contribution will help us to assist those students in need.
To start your sponsorship, please select one of the options below. You will be automatically charged once a month until you cancel – You can cancel anytime.

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£50 Billed monthly
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Why Sponsor a Student?

Our goal is to be able to provide Quran education to anyone who is eager to learn the Holy Quran  or learn Arabic.

There are many people who wish to learn Arabic or take Quran classes but just can’t afford it.

This is why Learn Quran Online Academy has established our Sponsor a Student program.

To give the opportunity of learning Arabic or Quran to those who want it but cannot afford it.

In order to succeed in offering Arabic & Quran classes to all, we need your help.

By sponsoring a student – or students – you can help Learn Quran Oline Academy give free classes to students, as well as reap the benefits and rewards of the knowledge those students receive free classes.

Sponsoring a Student is Zakat Eligible. Click here to read a Fatwa on Zakat for sponsoring students.

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