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Aisha bint Abu Bakr
Our mother Aisha bint Abu Bakr

 A’ishah was the favorite daughter of one of the closest
friends of the Prophet, Abu Bakr

She said that there were nine blessing of Allah which distinguished her from all other women in the world except Maryam bint ‘Imran, the mother of ‘Isa

1⃣The Angel Jibril had presented her portrait wraped in green silk to Muhammadﷺ and told him that this was the picture of the lady chosen by Allah & to be his consort both in this world and the next.
2⃣She was the only virgin to have become the wife of the Prophet.
3⃣ When the Prophet passed away, he was resting in her lap and was buried in her apartment.
4⃣ Many times angels encircled her apartment with love and respect.
5⃣ Very often divine revelation would come to Muhammadﷺ when they were lying together resting in peace and tranquillity.
6⃣She was the daughter of the loyal and true friend of the Prophet, Abu Bakr Siddique
7⃣ Ayat acquitting her of any wrongdoing had descended from the heavens from Allah proving her innocence.
8⃣She was born a Muslim and had been brought up in pure a
environment, and spent her formative years with the purest and best of creatures, the Prophetﷺ.
Allah, the Lord, the Sustainer of the Universe promised her Divine Forgiveness and abundant bounties.

Her knowledge:

She had a brilliant mind and a remarkable memory; and the distinction of being the source of the most Ahadith because of her long association with Muhammadﷺ.

Her knowledge of the many branches of religion like Fiqh and Shari’ah, her wisdom in interpretation, her mastery of the teachings of the Prophet her trustworthiness and integrity – all these qualities made her one of the most remarkable personalities of the time.

Her Charity:

She was very tender-hearted and no needy person left her house empty-handed.

A glad tiding to het:

During her lifetime the Prophetﷺ gave her the wonderful news that she earned a place for herself in Paradise. The Angel Jibril personally greeted her.


Joining the household of the prophet🤍

Aisha had a memory like a computer, which never seemed to fail her. She hardly ever forgot something once she heard it.

At the time of Hijrah, (migration) of the Prophet to Al-Madinah, she was barely eight years old, yet she remembered years later even minor details about that historic and momentous move.

She was barely nine years of age when she joined the household of the Prophet.

🪄She did not find herself in a royal mansion. A number of small rooms were constructed around the Prophet’s Mosque, and she occupied one of these, located on the eastern side of the Mosque.

Her room was about six feet wide, had earthen walls and the roof was of leaves and twigs. To prevent the rain water from seeping in the roof was covered with a blanket. The roof was so low that a person standing upright could touch the roof.

There were none of the signs of worldly wealth and pomp, but this little room was filled with spiritual treasures.

 On the day that Muhammad passed away, there was not even food for a single day in his household.

Her generosity

🪄No beggar left her door empty-handed.She was very large-hearted and benevolent.

1⃣She would collect a sizable amount gradually and then give it away in charity.

2⃣She would even fall into debt to help someone in need. When asked why she took on debts unhesitatingly, she replied that if a person had every intention of repaying the debt, Allah would help him or her.

3⃣On one occasion, at one sitting, ‘Aishah gave away 70,000 Dirhams in charity for Allah and got up showing her empty handkerchief to the people seated there.

4⃣ One evening she received Dirhams 1,00,000 from Amir Mu’awiyah who was in Syria…



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