Animal stores in Qur’an.

Animal stories in the Qur’an :
A group of animals are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an; Including what was the reality of his creation as an animal, such as the Uzair donkey, the whale of Yunus, and others, and what was his apparent image of a plant, such as the stick of Moses – peace be upon him – which was transformed by the power of God into a clear snake, and what was the reality of his creation as a bird, such as the hoopoe of Solomon, or a birdJesus – peace be upon him – who used to make it out of clay, then blow into it, and it would become a bird, God willing, the Most High. The Holy Qur’an mentioned some animals as mere males, while others spoke about his life in one or more situations in the form of quick flashes, and the following is a statement of stories Animals in the Holy Quran.
Saleh’s camel
Yousuf ‘s wolf
Hodhud Suliman
Yunus whale
Cow of Bani Israel
Moses snake
Abraha elephant