Supplication ( duaa )

Supplication (duaa)we will continue our talk about supplication (duaa)

Things to Avoid While Making Duaa

1. Don’t go beyond limits

What it means is asking Allah for things He has forbidden.

For example, while it is fine to pray to Allah to marry someone, it is forbidden to ask Allah to give you a girl friend or a boy friend, or to win a lottery.

*2. Not expecting an answer

A Muslim should hope that Allah will answer His duaa as Allah is Merciful to His slaves and powerful to grant them their wishes.

3. To ask for things of this world only in duaa

Think about it, what is greater, this world or the hereafter? For a true believer, it is obvious that what Allah has prepared in the life to come is greater.

Therefore, a Muslim who understands this point will ask Allah for the blessings of the Hereafter as well.

4. To address Allah with improper Names

Remember this simple rule: do not address Allah or use any Name of Allah that is not from the Quran or Sunnah. Addressing Allah with words like “Big Guy.”

5. Do not make duaa against yourself or your family and do not curse others.

A point to remember, as a person may pray against a family member or even himself in a fit of rage and start cursing.

6. Do not pray for your death

Your life is Allah’s gift to you, do not ask Allah to take it away

Preferred Times When Duaa Is Likely to Be Accepted

Duaa can be made at any time, but it is more likely to be accepted at the following times.

1.duaa in the last third of the night Allah informs us in the Quran describing the believers, “and they seek forgiveness from their Lord in the hours of the dawn.” (Quran 51:18)

How do you calculate the last third of the night? The night extends from the time of sunset till the time for Fajr begins.

For example, say sunset is at 5pm and Fajr for next day starts at 5am.

The night is 12 hrs.

A third of a night is 4 hrs.

The last third of the night will be from 1am-5am.

2. duaa when Adhan is called The Prophet said, “When the Adhan is called, the doors of the skies are opened, and the duaa is answered.” (Saheeh Muslim)In the next lesson, we will continue our talk about supplication (duaa) Till next time, I hope you are enjoying learning about Islam